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Job #1387 

Oct 10

FRONT/BACK OFFICE with AESTHETICS knowledge for Beverly Hills practice

(Job # 1387) FRONT OFFICE / MEDICAL ASSISTANT needed for Beverly Hills Medical Aesthetics Practice.

* Candidates must be familiar with some aspects of medical aesthetics such as injectibles, lasers, hair removal, Coolsculpting, microdermabrasion, fillers, peels and professional-grade skincare products and be able to discuss these with clients as needed

* 2+ YEARS' EXPERIENCE in some form of Aesthetics required (medical, spa...)

* Phones, appointments, coordinate call-backs, consultation forms, client Q&As,

* Educate callers/clients to turn inquiries into appointments or product/service sales

* Quote prices, request, collect and document payments and encourage inquiry calls to book consults and procedures

* Outgoing, bubbly and warm personality, ability to initiate conversations with people, develop and maintain relationships to encourage return visits

* Prep rooms, discuss cosmetic interest questionnaire with patients prior to meeting practitioner,

* Take quality pictures and organizing the before and afters,

* Highly desired for increased compensation - Blood draw and injections (B-12)

* Professional appearance and communication skills, Computer proficiency to handle scheduling appointments

* Strong ability to work independently, handle multiple details, operate in a very busy office and flexible in handling tasks throughout the practice as needed

* M-F 8a-6p

* $18-20/hr including fully-paid Medical, Paid Parking, Vacation, Holidays, Sick PLUS discounts on products and services offered by office.


Job #1344 

Oct 10

FRONT OFFICE with DERMATOLOGY / PLASTICS for Beverly Hills practice

((Job 1344) Experienced FRONT Office for BEVERLY HILLS Plastics practice

  • REQUIRED - recent work experience in Derm, Plastics or a related field.
  • This is the first face / voice of the company. Must be bubbly, personable and welcoming. 
  • Make and confirm appointments, handling phones, and answering initial inquiries with a goal of converting calls to appointments
  • Experienced working with a "concierge level" of client with strong awareness of confidentiality and HIPAA guidelines
  • Ideal candidates have experience with Plastics, surgery in general, Dermatology or at least must have a strong understanding of professional-grade skincare products and services such as skincare lines, laser skin resurfacing, Botox and similar injectibles
  • Position requires reliability, punctuality, a bright personality and an excellent team mentality
  • This is a very busy office so success in this position requires an ability to prioritize multiple tasks, handle tasks in conjunction with other team members and communicate well to accomplish goals and provide a high level of customer service.
  • M-F 8:30-5:30/6p (occasional run-overs)
  • $18-23 with benefits including, money toward company Blue Cross Health Ins, 401K, Paid Parking, 10 days accrued Vacation & Sick and Paid Holidays


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