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Job #1377

Oct 10

Experienced FRONT / BACK OFFICE for BEVERLY HILLS Internal Medicine private medical practice

(Job #1377) CERTIFIED MEDICAL ASSISTANT & FRONT OFFICE needed for BEVERLY HILLS Internal Medicine practice.

• Seeking an efficient, Certified Medical Assistant with 3+ years’ experience in a private medical office

• Work experience must include both Front and Back Office duties as this position is one of 5 staff members handling the office flow

• Back Office duties include phlebotomy (required!), fingersticks, glucose, first aid, EKGs, vitals, sterile tray set-up, hemoglobin

• Should have a warm personality with a team player attitude paying attention to what is happening in the office and take the initiative to jump in and assist Front or Back when needed without direction

• Ideal candidates have longevity in their work history and are looking for a long-term work home to join a staff with little turnover.

• This position works with multiple doctors with different personalities and must be able to adjust to suit their needs

• Front office includes handling phones, making and confirming appointments, coordinating prescriptions and relating information between patients and doctors as needed

• M-F 9a-6pm

• $19/hr 100% paid HMO insurance, paid Parking, Vacation is 1wk after 1yr, 2 wks after 2yrs, 5 sick days and 5 paid standard holidays 

Job #1369

Oct 10

Experienced MEDICAL ASSISTANT with PHLEBOTOMY SKILLS  for SANTA MONICA private medical practice

(Job #1369)  Experienced Medical Assistant needed for Santa Monica Internal Medicine practice

  • Requires 2+ years' experienced as a Medical Assistant in a private practice
  • Must have recent and strong phlebotomy skills, performing injections, and EKGs
  • Handles coordination of labs so must understand proper screening, preparation, labeling and storage of lab specimens to be sent out
  • Duties also include, preparation and cleaning of exam rooms, rooming patients, checking medical history and patient's medication list,  ensuring all is current in EMR
  • Must be computer proficient with EMR  experience.  
  • Must be smart and a pro-active person always looking to see what needs to be handled, organized and detail-oriented
  • This is a busy but low key, no drama office. Several people work in a small space so much be considerate co-worker with a "team" mentality.   
  • Staff has longevity and seeks a co-worker with the same work ethic and longevity in their work history.
  • Mon – Fri, 9am - 6pm, $16/hour, with strong benefits package including Fully paid 

Job #1368

Oct 10

Experienced  PEDIATRIC MEDICAL ASSISTANT for Central LA private medical practice

(Job #1368) Experienced Medical Assistant with Pediatrics experience needed for mid-LA Pediatrics practice

  • Requires 3+ years' experienced as a Medical Assistant
  • Must be experienced working with children including fingersticks, injections, vaccines, urinalysis, suture removal
  • Knowledgeable about the differences in treating infants and small children versus adults.
  • Experienced measuring infants, calculating injections, taking vitals,
  • Attentive to signs that may point to potential issues to advise the doctor prior to the doctor's arrival in the room
  • Handles coordination of labs so must understand proper procedures, thorough in handling details and efficient
  • Must like working with Chlldren and able to manage situations with the parents during challenging moments
  • Preparation and cleaning of exam rooms, rooming patients,  answering parent inquiries, providing reassurance and comfort for parents and children
  • Must be computer proficient with some EMR experience.
  • Busy multi-doctor practice so requires staff to be constantly attuned to what needs to be handled to ensure a high level of organization
  • This is a busy but low key, no drama office. Several people work in a small space so must be a considerate co-worker with a "team" mentality.
  • Staff has longevity and seeks a co-worker with the same work ethic and longevity in their work history.
  • Mon – Fri, 9am - 6pm, $16/hour, with strong benefits package including Fully paid Medical Insurance after 90 days, Paid Parking, PTO (Vacation & sick accrues after 90 days) and paid Holidays

Job #1367

Oct 10

Experienced  MEDICAL ASSISTANT with excellent PHLEBOTOMY skills for SANTA MONICA private medical practice

(Job #1367) Santa Monica medical practice seeks Medical Assistant with strong phlebotomy skills. 

  •  This is primarily a Back Office position but will occasionally cover Front Office as needed. 
  •  Back Office duties include rooming patients, pharmacy calls, confirming medical history and medication list, prep/clean exam rooms, perform phlebotomy and injections, screen labs based on protocol sheet 
  • Front Office duties include answering phones, checking in/out patients, collecting copays, making and confirming appointments 
  • Requires an upbeat and positive attitude to make sick patients feel welcome, comfortable and confident that we will do all we can for them. 
  •  M-F 9:30a-6p 
  •  $16-17 includes medical insurance and pension after 1 year, paid parking, vacation sick & holidays

Job #1360

Oct 10


(Job #1360) LICENSED CLINICAL LABORATORY SCIENTIST needed for BEVERLY HILLS-area medical practice.

  • Conduct clinical trials under the direction of a principal investigator
  •  Maintain the safety of human subjects during clinical trials of drugs or medical devices.
  •  Carry out all clinical trial procedures, training requirements and facilitate recommendations
  • Bachelor's degree in nursing, chemistry, biology, public health or psychology or on-the-job training and/or CRC required
  • .Must have certified previous work experience in a healthcare setting preferably in a clinical research setting.
  • Candidates must possesses excellent organization researching and, good leadership skills
  • Professional communication skills both written and spokenMust be proficient it
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint and Outlook and able to conduct on-line searches and utilize numerous computer interfaces.
  • Must have strong knowledge of OSHA and Medical Laboratory principals, quality control and HPPAA
  • Detail-oriented to ensure all study protocol requirements are maintained, reports and consents are in order, conduct chart reviews, complete case report forms, create and maintain database for subject tracking,
  •  This position will conduct patient visits in both office and hospital settings and assist the manager with
  • Must provide current California license at time of application with the agency
  • Full Time with flexible hours based on candidate's needs!
  • Competitive Salary and Paid Parking plus a Benefits package including Full Medical, Pension Plan, Vacation, Sick and Holidays


Job #1354

Oct 10


(Job #1354)  Vascular Ultrasound Tech needed for Santa Monica Internal Medicine practice one day per week - Wednesdays.

• Must be experienced in performing Stress Echo, Echo, Aorta, Abdomen, Carotid's Arterial and Metabolic Stress Tests.

• Must have Vascular experience and may be willing to train on some procedures

• Position will start scheduled every other Wednesday then as clientele scheduling begins to build will grow to every Wednesday.

• Wednesdays 9a-5pm, Paid Parking $32-35 per hour (W-2 employee)

Job #1355

Oct 10

Experienced MEDICAL ASSISTANT for Beverly Hills-area private medical practice

(Job #1355) MEDICAL ASSISTANT needed for BEVERLY HILLS-AREA private medical practice.  INTERNAL MED OR CARDIOLOGY required

  • 2+ years' experience as a private practice medical assistant with INTERNAL MED OR CARDIO
  • Experience in a busy practice, able to work quickly, prioritize, work well with other staff to ensure a smooth and efficient patient flow
  • Medical Assistant experience must include recent work performing EKGs, Holter monitors, Phlebotomy, taking vitals and patient history
  • Must be computer proficient with some experience working with an EMR/EHR system (Epic, Nextgen highly desired)
  • M-F 830-530p $17- $19/hr based on experience includes very strong benefits package including paid health, parking, vacation, sick, holidays, pension plan and life insurance!


Job #1290


Mandarin or Cantonese

Oct 10

Experienced BILINGUAL MANDARIN OR CANTONESE BACK OFFICE for Pasadena-area private medical practice

(Job 1290)  Bilingual Mandarin or Cantonese Back Office for OBGYN practice

  • REQUIRED - Bilingual Cantonese/Mandrin 
  • Take vitals, injections (no phleb) medical history, supplies
  • Assist with OBGYN procedures, tray prep and sterilization of instruments
  • MUST have 2+ years medical office experience.  
  • OBGYN preferred but they will train a Back Office with other specialties of an "Internal Medicine" type nature
  •  $15.-15.50 hr with benefits including, Health Ins, 401K, Vacation, Sick and Holidays
  • 8:30-5:30pm

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