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Oct 10


  • (Job #1351) Administrative Assistant / Secretary for Sherman Oaks Orthopedic Surgeon

    * Should have knowledge of Orthopedics including IME, AME, QME,

    * Candidate must be an excellent, fast and accurate typist

    * Requires a professional level of phone skills, articulate and professional voice, strong writing skills

    * Must be detail-oriented, be well-versed in Orthopedic or Neurology

    * Duties include coordinating details with attorney offices, handling details with referring doctors, triage patient correspondence, ensure current and complete status of patient documents and medical records

    * Must be organized, ensure all records are accurately and timely entered into the EMR system.

    * Requires ability to maintain deadlines & coordinate professionally with attorney's offices.

    * Flexible schedule: M-F 7:30a-4p with a 1/ hr lunch but could could be flexible (6a-2p etc...)

    * Employee Benefits include $300 toward insurance, 1 wk/1 yr, 2 wks/2 yrs. 6 sick days per year. Both Vaca & Sick begin to accrue after 90 days, 6 paid holidays/yr and doctor occasionally adds extra days off.

    * There is a 90-day prob per, beginning the first day of the next month.

    * This is a Salaried position with competitive rate and benefits package including 100% Health Insurance paid for Employee, Paid Parking, Vacation, Sick and Holidays!




Oct 10


  • (Job #1405) Experienced Doctor’s Administrative Assistant / Secretary for Westside Surgeon

    • This position is to structure, organize and manage all the doctor’s business and personal obligations.

    • This position acts as liaison for internal office communications with the doctor as well as external business and personal contacts.

    • Communication must be articulate, professional and friendly whether verbal or written.

    • Bachelor’s Degree required or 10+ years’ experience as a CEO-level secretary/administrative assistant

    • Coordinate Doctor's schedule in and out of office, ex: meetings w/other physicians, travel and accommodations, business dinners/events, personal appearances.

    • Run local errands: pick up/deliver items in addition to coordinating Doctor’s transportation to/from appointments

    • Assist in office: printing/filling out forms that require signature, taking phone calls from personal/business contacts, provide immediate information on items relevant to current workday/week, conduct research on internet, interact with staff when collaboration is required.

    • This position requires an independent mind who can evaluate situations, anticipate potential issues and be proactive in ensuring that the doctor’s life runs as smoothly as possible.

    • Must be able to coordinate many integrated moving parts and make them work together smoothly

    • Time flexibility is crucial to this position. This is a full-time position with flexibility to fit the doctor’s schedule and needs.

    • Position requires reliability, punctuality, a bright personality and an excellent team mentality

    • This is a very busy office so success in this position requires an ability to prioritize multiple tasks, handle tasks in conjunction with other team members and communicate well to accomplish goals and provide a high level of customer service.

    • Competitive salary with benefits including, money toward company Blue Cross Health Ins, 401K, Paid Parking, 10 days accrued Vacation & Sick and Paid Holidays


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